A wide range of activities are available from the very active to simple relaxation.  Summer guests can enjoy an abundance of wildlife, fishing, swimming, hiking, mountain biking, boating (boats provided) and relaxing on the screened-in porch with astounding views of the lake.  Autumn offers an exquisite foliage panorama as well as Ruffed Grouse shooting and Whitetail Deer hunting.  Hunting is available on a limited basis and some restrictions apply.
Winter ushers in all the joys of snow related activities.  Snowmobile-in and enjoy trail riding, snow shoeing and skiing on miles of hidden trails.  Above all, this private preserve offers an escape to peace and quiet amid magnificent surroundings.  The property is remote and secluded with an unusual degree of comfort.  Ideal for family vacations as well as a get away for all.  The photographer, whether professional or amateur, is afforded with endless opportunities ranging from wildlife to spectacular sunrises and sunsets, or capturing the ever changing mood of the day.
Attractions : Biking, Hiking, Fishing, Hunting, etc., ABOVE ALL RELAXING!
Partlow Lodge
A Remote Adirondack Retreat